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1060 W Addison St

Chicago, IL 60613
Cook county

Wrigley Field other names

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Community data reports for 1060 W Addison St

Building & Zoning info

1060 W Addison St is in Wrigleyville.
Planned Development details: PD 958 as of February 2017

Its Affordable Requirements Ordinance (ARO) zone status is high and its in-lieu fee is $125,000 per unit. Get more details about ARO.

Zoning history

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Building names

Wrigley Field

Property info

This property is the best match for 1060 W Addison St. Data from Cook County Assessor's Office.

PhotoPropertyProperty ClassDistance
1060 W Addison Ave
PIN: 14-20-227-001-0000
Special commercial structure34 feet
PhotoPropertyProperty ClassDistance
3555 N Clark St
PIN: 14-20-403-001-0000
One story commercial building44 feet

Nearby Train Stations & TOD

Properties in Chicago near train stations – CTA's rapid transit 'L' and Metra's commuter rail – may be eligible for bonuses under the city's Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) ordinance.

Note: Distances are measured from the map marker to the nearest train station entrance.

CTA stations

Metra stations

Not TOD under the Transit-Served Location (or TOD) ordinance because:

  • its zoning class is ineligible (PD 958)
  • but it's close to a train station

The nearest station entrance is 718 feet away (direct).

Measured in a straight line between the nearest CTA or Metra station entrance and the map location. Choose a PIN or parcel in the map to measure to the closest property line.

This is on a zoned Pedestrian Street, allowing it to be within 2,640 feet from a train station and remain eligible.

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