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Property Finder shows developable land in Chicago: city-owned land, vacant land, parking lots, and brownfields.

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Buying city-owned land

The city has three property-acquisition programs:

  1. Adjacent Neighbors Land Acquisition Program (ANLAP), for property owners who live next to the desired city-owned parcel (cannot redevelop until after 10 years)
  2. Large Lots, similar to ANLAP but neighborhood specific and each parcel costs $1 (cannot redevelop until after 5 years)
  3. Negotiated Sale Program (NSP), an application and bidding process to acquire land for redevelopment

Train stations and car parking (TOD)

The City of Chicago provides relief for zoning-required parking if your development is near a train station. Nationally this is called "transit oriented development" but "transit served location" in the Chicago zoning code. The Metropolitan Planning Council has more information on its Transit Oriented Development (TOD) website. We show parking lots (in orange) to highlight developable land.

Parking minimum reductions and density bonuses are applicable to properties:

  • within 2,640 feet of a train station if the property is on a Pedestrian Street
  • else, within 1,320 feet of a train station

Get data

Get city-owned land data - city last updated August 2, 2016

The city-owned land dataset doesn't have a map. You can download a map for GIS and Google Earth in our Map & Data Store.

Get parking lot data from OSM - last updated February 14, 2016

Get brownfields data from OSM - last updated February 14, 2016