Building Violations

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Showing building violations and inspections in Chicago with one of 18 codes, or that were issued a stop work order:

DescriptionSearch Code
Maintain or repair electric elevatorEV1110
Repair exterior wallCN061014
Repair/wreck danger residential premisesCN193019
Repair porch systemCN070024
Maintain or repair hydraulic elevatorEV1111
Replace window panes, plexiglassCN104015
Repair exterior stairCN070014
Repair parapetCN062024
Repair exterior doorCN073014
Repair interior walls/ceilingCN101015
Post owner/managers name/numberCN196029
Post owner/managers name/number on abandoned buildingCN196039
Register a vacant buildingCN193110
Install smoke detectorsCN197019
Work without a permitNC2011
Work contrary to a permitNC1010
Heat unit adequatelyCN132016
Supply hot water at a minimum of 120°fPL154027

Each violation is part of an inspection record, and each inspection record may have more than one violation. We're showing some of the most frequent violations.

Administrative Hearings

See the outcome of violation citations in an Address Snapshot Property Report. We track Chicago Department of Administrative Hearings data on fines, liability, and responsible parties.

Click on any address link, or search for a property or building and look for the "Violations Hearings" section.

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Report a violation

You can report a suspected building violation to the City of Chicago by calling 311 or submitting online.