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"I rely on Chicago Cityscape as my secret to success: Being able to get alerts sent to my email any time my top customers pull permits, allowing me to anticipate the needs of my clients, and stay ahead of my competitors. The ever-evolving features allow me to sort and track in multiple ways, making Chicago Cityscape an invaluable resource to track all the permits that are important to me. I know I wouldn’t be as successful in my construction sales role if it weren't for Chicago Cityscape over the past two years."

- Sandra, Construction Materials Sales Manager

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Latest blog post Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Is your building on Chicago’s historic resources map?
by Steven Vance

Now you can easily see if a building in Chicago is “orange” or “red” rated by looking at our map of the city’s Historic Resources Survey. The survey, completed in 1995, ranked 17,371 buildings on their architectural and historical significance. Orange and red-rated buildings are mildly affected by a delay rule that prevents their demolition for 90 days after an application for a demolition permit is applied and provisionally granted.

There are two ways to find out:

Look up an address and then click the “Load historic resources” buttonView the full map of Chicago, where you can filter by Place and rating

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