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"Chicago Cityscape solves the pain of having to go through multiple city and county websites to gather information by providing all the info in one screen. Features such as zoning appeal information, TOD eligibility, demolition and building permits in neighborhoods are just what I need as an architect to cater to my clients. I would highly recommend Chicago Cityscape as the premier source of Chicago's real estate analysis."

- Prashanth Mahakali, AIA / PMPC Architects

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Looking at properties? See how many supermarkets & other amenities are near
by Steven Vance

Comparing houses & apartments is one use for new “Amenities”

It’s no mystery that Chicago Cityscape is an effective property research tool because of how it integrates data from dozens of sources. Today, I’m announcing that a brand new dataset has been added that helps homebuyers, apartment shoppers, small business owners, and property developers gain a better understanding of what they or their tenants will have access to.

It’s called “Amenities” and it summarizes and maps where there are grocery stores, doctor offices, restaurants, cafés, bars, and parks within a one mile walk of any address that you look up in Chicago. It’s similar to WalkScore...

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