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"Chicago Cityscape is the one of the most valuable tools available to Chicago-area real estate professionals. As a lender, I use the: Address Report for collateral due diligence and to help clients with site preparations; mapping tools for vendor searches, neighborhood and market research, and site optimization; reports to monitor portfolios for violations and court case, as well as generate leads; and news to stay on top of local development stories. Chicago Cityscape has saved me countless hours searching various websites and provides consolidated property information all on one page. I recommend Chicago Cityscape to any real estate lender, architect, developer, general contractor, and management company."

- Kyle Harvey / Senior loan officer, Community Investment Corporation

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Latest blog post Saturday, March 27, 2021

See Carmin’s future backyard ADU
by Steven Vance

I’ve talked about Carmin Ballou a couple of times on this blog. Her parents moved in with her, her partner, and their two school-age children right before the COVID-19 pandemic started to upend lives in March 2020. Many combined and multi-generational families yearn for more space, including Carmin’s.

At first, the originally proposed ADU ordinance’s treatment of certain residential zoning districts was going to require that Carmin and her partner obtain a “special use permit” through a process that would have resulted in hiring an attorney and appearing before the Zoning Board of Appeals.

Thankfully, that version of the ordinance was modified to include RS-2 zoning districts “as of right”, and fortunately, the ordinance’s pilot area included her house. Since winter started, Carmin and her architect, Doug Sandberg, have been working on a design for a small one...

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