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"Chicago Cityscape is the first (and increasingly, only) place I look for information on new developments in my Albany Park neighborhood. Previously, I'd do research via multiple websites and government data sets, which was really difficult and time-consuming. But with Chicago Cityscape's clean display and features like clickable maps and PINs I'm able to find meaningful data that shapes my community group's efforts to monitor development and attract more business."

- Shylo Bisnett / Albany Park Neighbors

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Latest blog post Saturday, September 11, 2021

Cityscape has the maps you need to locate where new ARO rules apply
by Steven Vance

City Council adopted a new version of the Affordable Requirements Ordinance (ARO) earlier this year, establishing “ARO 2021”. The rules goes into effect for most residential projects that are granted a zoning change on or after October 1, 2021. The basic trigger for requiring ARO compliance hasn’t changed: a residential development that builds or substantially rehabs 10 or more dwelling units, uses TIF money, or is built on city-owned property.

After the trigger, however, the ARO 2021 rules are drastically different than the ARO 2015 rules. First of all, the Near North/Near West and Milwaukee Corridor pilot areas, established in 2017, and their unique rules are eliminated for new developments.

Secondly, whereas ARO 2015 had three area types, ARO 2021 divides Chicago into five types...

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