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What is Address Snapshot?

Find building permits, violations, zoning changes, financial incentives, property owners, flood zones, and more

Address Snapshot is a tool for house hunters, property purchasers, brokers, developers, and architects, to research any property in Cook County. The most information is available for Chicago addresses. Save time by using Address Snapshot, where we've gathered to show data from over 100 sources in one place.

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Where we have maps & data


Data includes:

  • Flood zones
  • Some development & financial incentives

Cook County

Illinois data, plus:

  • Property owners
  • Property values
  • Flood zones
  • Zoning map in unincorporated areas
  • Elected officials maps
  • Some development & financial incentives


Cook County data, plus:

  • Zoning map
  • Upcoming zoning changes
  • Building permits
  • 32 development & financial incentives
  • Contractor & developer profiles
  • TOD status


Cook County data, plus:

  • Zoning maps
  • TOD status
  • Ward & alder maps

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Top 25 streets with the most lookups in the past year

  1. Barry Ave (1042)
  2. 18th St (989)
  3. Leavitt St (923)
  4. Michigan Ave (864)
  5. Ashland Ave (843)
  6. Melrose St (789)
  7. Halsted St (749)
  8. School St (736)
  9. Western Ave (706)
  10. Kedzie Ave (696)
  11. Bell Ave (694)
  12. Clark St (685)
  13. Roscoe St (657)
  14. Racine Ave (632)
  15. Hoyne Ave (610)
  16. Milwaukee Ave (609)
  17. Wellington Ave (594)
  18. Paulina St (578)
  19. Wabash Ave (524)
  20. 63rd St (517)
  21. Irving Park Rd (513)
  22. Hermitage Ave (509)
  23. Nelson St (485)
  24. Lawrence Ave (479)
  25. Elston Ave (427)

What is Address Snapshot?

Our Address Snapshot reports show:

  • Building permits and violations + fines at that address (Chicago)
  • Property Finder - combining property data with exclusive filters to find just what's needed (Cook County)
  • Property values, current and past (Cook County)
  • Property owners, current and past (Cook County)
  • Property sales (Cook County)
  • Upcoming zoning changes (Chicago)
  • Flood zones (Illinois & Indiana)
  • Neighborhoods, elected officials, and other boundaries
  • Development & financial incentives: check if an address is in a TIF district, Retail Thrive Zone, Neighborhood Opportunity Fund investment zone, New Market Tax Credit area, and other geographically-based financial incentives
  • land use classification
  • Transit-oriented development (TOD) location status (Chicago & Evanston)
  • Businesses licensed there, current and past (Chicago)
  • Renderings & photos
  • Leads: Proposed projects, and other developments
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