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615 Sheridan Rd, Lake Bluff, IL 60044
Lake county

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615 Sheridan Rd is in part of a regional housing submarket that can be characterized as "highest-income, high cost, stable, suburban, aging".

People who earn a moderate income* in this area typically spend about 78% of their income on housing.
People who earn a moderate income* in this area typically spend about 23% of their income on transportation.
* Moderate income means a household that earns 80% of the regional median income. CNT views affordability as when a household spends no more than 45% of its income on housing + transportation.

615 Sheridan Rd is in a moderate walkable area.

The neighborhood around 615 Sheridan Rd is highly supportive of redevelopment and infill development.

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Where is 615 Sheridan Rd

Land use analysis

There are 3 land uses that occupy 5% or more of a 1 square mile area around 615 Sheridan Rd:

  • Single-Family Detached - 48%
  • Road right-of-way (ROW) - 21%
  • Other Vacant - 7%

There are 20 distinct land uses in the 1 square mile area.

CMAP: collected in 2013, published in 2016.

Zoning Dashboard

We don't currently have zoning information for Lake Bluff but we have partners around the region who can help you understand what you can build here.

Development feasibility

Tell Chicago Cityscape about your proposed development or business at 615 Sheridan Rd, Lake Bluff, IL and we'll pass it along to Shapiro & Associates, which has extensive experience with all types of development projects in Lake County and suburban Cook County.

Advertisement for the Zoning Assessment service from MAP Strategies, which can answer zoning questions about what can be built on a specific property in Chicago; background photo taken by Jeff Zoline

TOD status for 615 Sheridan Rd, Lake Bluff, IL

TOD status is calculated for Address Snapshots in Chicago and Evanston, only. If your municipality has a Transit-Oriented Development ordinance or policy, tell us about it.

Nearby transit

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Incentives Checker

? of 19 development & financial incentives at 615 Sheridan Rd, Lake Bluff, IL

Upgrade to Cityscape Enterprise to see which financial & development incentives 615 Sheridan Rd is eligible for, from Chicago, Cook County, State of Illinois, and the federal government, including:

  • Micro Market Recovery Program (MMRP)
  • Downtown Expansion
  • Neighborhood Opportunity Fund
  • New Market Tax Credits (NMTC)
  • CHA Mobility Areas
  • Housing Choice Voucher property tax savings areas
  • Opportunity Zones - Federal program to encourage investment in certain Census tracts by discounting capital gains taxes
  • Opportunity Investment Fund areas - Local program to spur preserving affordable housing
  • and more
Logos of Chicago Cityscape and MAP Strategies You can also get this information by ordering a custom Incentives Checkup from our real estate partner MAP Strategies.

Looking for homebuyer assistance programs?

Check DownPayment Resource.
In Illinois, look to Illinois Housing Development Authority's IHDA Mortgage.

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