APIs enable direct communication between your application and Chicago Cityscape's database

Chicago Cityscape has two APIs to enable seamless and behind-the-scenes transfer of data between our collection of property data to your application. Our members have created custom applications as well as integrated our visual Address Snapshot and Property Finder features into CRMs, including Salesforce.

Chicago Cityscape's two APIs

Address Snapshot API

The Address Snapshot API provides much of the same information that our visual Address Snapshot reports offer: taxpayer name and address, tax history, Incentives Checker, zoning (where available), and building permits and violations (Chicago only).

Property Finder API

The Property Finder API provides the same information as the visual Property Finders within Place Snapshots offer: taxpayer name and address, tax history, Chicago and CCLBA ownership status, and zoning (where available).

Accessing our APIs

For Cityscape Real Estate Pro members: All APIs are available for an add-on fee. Contact us for pricing, which will be based on your usage.

For Enterprise: Chicago Cityscape will create a custom pricing and feature package. Contact us for pricing.

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