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"Chicago Cityscape is an incredible resource for anyone and everyone who works in the real estate industry. It is much faster, easier to use and more robust than the databases operated by the city. The time saved pays for itself many times over."

- AJ LaTrace / Real estate reporter, former editor Curbed Chicago

Cityscape Real Estate Pro features include:

Great customer support

Customer support is standard. Plus, get 30 minutes of personalized demo, and 1 hour of one-on-one consultation after the first 30 days. Purchase additional consultation time.

Access all of our data

Export anything you see – permits, businesses, demolitions, property owners & taxes, zoning – into Excel or GIS for further analysis

Notifications for everything

Get our exclusive demolitions notifications, and receive notifications for an unlimited number of Places, Companies, and Addresses

Exclusive insights

Get the heads up on Proposed Projects, understand zoning standards, TOD status, unlock an unlimited number of Address Snapshot reports, and use our site selection toosl

Full Cityscape Real Estate Pro features list:

Save time

Chicago Cityscape has been designed to get you the information you need to take your property portfolio to the next level, without having to scrounge around for it: current zoning, TOD status, property ownership, and more.

Great support

We offer timely and professional support over email, phone, or in person. We also offer in-depth trainings to use Chicago Cityscape and other data resources for a fee.

Offer it to your entire office

Each additional person (or "seat") in your office can save time with their own Cityscape Pro membership at a discounted price (see details below).

Incentives Checker

Every Address Snapshot you look up will show which of 28 financial & development incentives that your proposed or existing property might be eligible for, in Chicago, Cook County, and Illinois.

Protect your property

Get notified the day after a building violation is issued against your Chicago properties by using Property Tracker.

Unlimited address lookups

Get as many Address Snapshot reports as you need, complete with information about zoning (Chicago), financial incentives, property owner and taxes data, and TOD opportunities.

Export data

Download nearly everything you see, as spreadsheets and maps. This includes property values, owner/manager info, tax history, assessments, and more.

Preserve your research

Keep track of your searches by creating maps combining the building permits & violations, property and PIN reports, zoning changes, and contractors and developers that you're interested in.

Dig deep into contractor, architect, and developer histories

We compile the history of every contractor, architect, and developer working in Chicago since 2006, and link to them to every other company they've worked with. In maps, charts, and spreadsheets.

Track everything

Sign up for notifications about contractors, property owners, specific properties, new business licenses, neighborhoods and wards, and daily demolition reports.

Avoid fines

Use Property Tracker to get notifications when permits and licenses at your properties are about to expire.

Get insights

Know which contractors and real estate developers are the most prolific in any neighborhood, ward, or other place. See who the most active companies are this month. Use our alternative methods for finding developable land.

No ads

We use ad revenue to fund the expenses of gathering a lot of data and making it available to everyone. Cityscape Real Estate Pro members can browse our site without ads.


If any of our 36,000+ maps aren't specific enough, you can draw your own, or ask us to draw one for you.

Know when zoning changes

Chicago Cityscape is the only source for detailed info about proposed and upcoming zoning changes in Chicago.

Find developable land

Property Finder uses unique methods to find land suitable for development, based on your qualifications including proximity to transit, existing zoning district, and current vacancy and land use.

Map anyone's properties

Our database of Cook County properties makes it easy to see all of specific person's or entity's properties on a downloadable map.


Read what our members have to say

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"Obtaining all of the information needed to compel investors would have been impossible without Chicago Cityscape: GIS is too esoteric and idiosyncratic, and frankly intimidating to a non-initiated viewer. Having a simple, clean, and clear source of primary information about the built environment and local context made this entire project possible. Paid for itself a thousand times over."

- Mike Healy (Guild Row developer)

"Chicago Cityscape is an incredible resource for anyone and everyone who works in the real estate industry. It is much faster, easier to use and more robust than the databases operated by the city. The time saved pays for itself many times over."

- AJ LaTrace (Real estate reporter, former editor Curbed Chicago)

"When it comes to finding accurate and complete construction news in Chicago, there isn't a better platform than Cityscape. I can't imagine doing my job without being a Cityscape Pro member. They've enabled me to provide my subscribers with timely updates to hard to get, high-value private construction projects. Cityscape is a lifesaver!"

- Colm Hughes (The Blue Book Building & Construction Network)

"Site selection for cannabis businesses has rarely been so important. I don't know any better tool for it than Chicago Cityscape, especially for the price."

- Ian Brown (Land use attorney)

"We used Chicago Cityscape at Smart Chicago because we want to encourage the development of civic tech products that people can't live without. On a personal note, I love reading the insights that go along with the data— the narrative threads they pull together to make raw data real meaningful."

- Dan X. O'Neil (City Bureau board member, founder of former Smart Chicago Collaborative)

"Chicago Cityscape solves the pain of having to go through multiple city and county websites to gather information by providing all the info in one screen. Features such as zoning appeal information, TOD eligibility, demolition and building permits in neighborhoods are just what I need as an architect to cater to my clients. I would highly recommend Chicago Cityscape as the premier source of Chicago's real estate analysis."

- Prashanth Mahakali, AIA (PMPC Architects)

"I rely on Chicago Cityscape as my secret to success: Being able to get alerts sent to my email any time my top customers pull permits, allowing me to anticipate the needs of my clients, and stay ahead of my competitors. The ever-evolving features allow me to sort and track in multiple ways, making Chicago Cityscape an invaluable resource to track all the permits that are important to me. I know I wouldn’t be as successful in my construction sales role if it weren't for Chicago Cityscape over the past two years."

- Sandra, Construction Materials Sales Manager

"I love Chicago Cityscape. The time and frustration it saves is worth every penny!"

- Paul Price (Laborers International Union of North America (LiUNA!))

"I like Chicago Cityscape because of the concise information on properties and they quickly answer any question I have."

- Rick Gordon (Marcus & Millichap)

"Cityscape is invaluable in researching the complexity of Chicago parcels and regulations. It's a tremendous value and they're constantly adding new and useful features."

- Ari Parritz (Vermilion Development)

"Chicago Cityscape is the one of the most valuable tools available to Chicago-area real estate professionals. As a lender, I use the: Address Report for collateral due diligence and to help clients with site preparations; mapping tools for vendor searches, neighborhood and market research, and site optimization; reports to monitor portfolios for violations and court case, as well as generate leads; and news to stay on top of local development stories. Chicago Cityscape has saved me countless hours searching various websites and provides consolidated property information all on one page. I recommend Chicago Cityscape to any real estate lender, architect, developer, general contractor, and management company."

- Kyle Harvey (Senior loan officer, Community Investment Corporation)

"I just wanted to drop a line and say how amazing the zoning changes filter on the Ordinances page has been working for me. The summary portion, especially, has been a real time-saver. This way, I don't have to open the entire Councilmatic document to know what's being proposed. Great stuff!"

- Colm Hughes (The Blue Book Building & Construction Network)

"Chicago Cityscape is hands-down the best resources for researching and tracking trends and new building permits, and has made our work more accurate and detailed. The interface and user experience is top notch, and the technical support is excellent. We love Cityscape Pro!"

- Kyle Terry (Real estate analyst)

"Chicago Cityscape represents a smart solution to the problem of uncoordinated public information. The City of Chicago data portal and other available public databases can in their complexity to use discourage users, Chicago Cityscape's database makes retrieving information easy for all levels of user sophistication. Utilizing the data and report pages can create new ideas to solve old problems. It assists in my community volunteer activities to identify potential solutions for legislation, property inventory management, volunteer resource optimization, development/demolition watch and city infrastructure transparency."

- Gladys Alcazar-Anselmo (East Village Association)

"Chicago Cityscape is the first (and increasingly, only) place I look for information on new developments in my Albany Park neighborhood. Previously, I'd do research via multiple websites and government data sets, which was really difficult and time-consuming. But with Chicago Cityscape's clean display and features like clickable maps and PINs I'm able to find meaningful data that shapes my community group's efforts to monitor development and attract more business."

- Shylo Bisnett (Albany Park Neighbors)


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