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Get contact info & work history for 215,000+ contractors N
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"I like Chicago Cityscape because of the concise information on properties and they quickly answer any question I have."
– Rick Gordon, LandQuest, independent broker and developer

"Chicago Cityscape is an incredible resource for anyone and everyone who works in the real estate industry. It is much faster, easier to use and more robust than the databases operated by the city. The time saved pays for itself many times over."
– AJ LaTrace, Curbed Chicago

"We use Chicago Cityscape at Smart Chicago because we want to encourage the development of civic tech products that people can't live without. Being real customers of real products is a central way we do that. On a personal note, I love reading the insights that go along with the data— the narrative threads they pull together to make raw data real meaningful."
– Dan O'Neil, Smart Chicago Collaborative

"Chicago Cityscape is the first (and increasingly, only) place I look for information on new developments in my Albany Park neighborhood. Previously, I'd do research via multiple websites and government data sets, which was really difficult and time-consuming. But with Chicago Cityscape's clean display and features like clickable maps and PINs I'm able to find meaningful data that shapes my community group's efforts to monitor development and attract more business."
– Shylo Bisnett, Albany Park Neighbors

"Chicago Cityscapes represents a smart solution to the problem of uncoordinated public information. The City of Chicago data portal and other available public databases can in their complexity to use discourage users, Chicago Cityscapes database makes retrieving information easy for all levels of user sophistication. Utilizing the data and report pages can create new ideas to solve old problems. It assists in my community volunteer activities to identify potential solutions for legislation, property inventory management, volunteer resource optimization, development/demolition watch and city infrastructure transparency."
– Gladys Alcazar-Anselmo, Board Member of East Village Association and Preservation Chicago

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