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Make informed decisions by mixing your data with Cityscape’s

Published on Mar. 15, 2020 by Steven Vance

A sample “My Data” map that we made for a Cityscape member. The map has been modified to maintain their privacy.

Chicago Cityscape has data & maps from nearly 100 sources, but we don’t have yours. By uploading your data, we can combine it with our data, maintain full privacy, and give you even more ways to visualize and understand the information.

We have two ways to mix data: Personal Places and My Data (this article).

My Data: Show proprietary data on top of our maps

Many Chicago Cityscape users have their own data that they would like to display on one or more of our thousands of maps.

  • You might have a list of properties you’re brokering that you store in Salesforce and you want to see which ones are in Opportunity Zones.
  • You’re looking at delinquent taxes in a selective area and want to see how they overlap with the different incentives geographies.
  • You own 10 apartment buildings across Cook County and want to see what political boundaries they’re in.

Chicago Cityscape can handle all of these ideas.

My Data is available for Cityscape Permits [*], Cityscape Pro, and Cityscape Enterprise members for an additional setup fee. Tell us about your data and what you want it mixed with.

[*] Cityscape Permits members do not have as much access to our datasets and maps as Cityscape Pro & Enteprirse members so options may be limited.

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