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Make informed decisions by using your own boundaries

Published on Mar. 15, 2020 by Steven Vance

Chicago Cityscape has data & maps from nearly 100 sources, but we don’t have yours. By uploading your data, we can combine it with our data, maintaining full privacy, and give you even more ways to visualize and understand the information.

We have two ways to mix data: Personal Places (this article) and My Data.

Personal Places — Maps for you and your team

Chicago Cityscape has maps for over 37,000 Places and boundaries across Illinois, including ZIP codes, neighborhoods, and cannabis districts.

Within each of these Places, you learn about building permits, property taxes, zoning districts, affordable housing, and housing submarkets.

We can also host your maps, privately, so you can view and extract the same information our existing Places show, but within your custom area.

There are two ways to get your Personal Place into Chicago Cityscape:

  1. Draw a Personal Place yourself
  2. Upload a file and we’ll add it to your account

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