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See what’s in the development pipeline

Published on Apr. 1, 2020 by Steven Vance

Updated on Apr. 2, 2020

Our latest map takes advantage of information we’ve been collecting and summarizing for years and makes it easier to see, in a quick glance, the locations and kinds of projects that people are proposing across Chicago.

Every month when the new zoning change applications are submitted to City Council, our team member Alex L. reads through each application and summarizes and categorizes them. He also records important details on each application like the applicant’s name, the owner’s name, the architect, and the lawyer and law firm (over 2,200 names noted so far).

The new Proposed Projects map showcases the shorter summary that Alex started writing just last month. Click on a green map marker to read the longer summary and the application details.

This data is exclusive to Chicago Cityscape, and it takes a lot of effort because this information is stored only in PDFs.

Got an idea for a new feature? Tell us. Half of our new features are based on requests from readers and members.

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