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Cook County property data for 2006-2020

Map of two properties in Cook County and the attributes of one are shown (taken from the sample file)

This dataset has details for over 1.87 million parcels, properties, and condos in Cook County, including property tax bill values between and including the 2009 and 2020 tax years, assessment values, appeals status, exemptions, building size*, building age*, and lot size*. It also has geography for every property, ready for analysis in a GIS format. This is the same information that our Cityscape Pro members have access to in a filtered form, and this is the only way to get the entire dataset.

The dataset includes

  • appeals and exemptions information for 2012-2020
  • property class and descriptions for 2014-2020
  • taxpayer name & address for 2014 through 2020
  • assessment value data is from 2015-2020
  • condo unit number in the address_assessor field
  • building age as a function of property_tax_year minus the building_age field

* These fields are "where available" as the detail doesn't exist for all properties.

It comes as a GeoPackage file for GIS, and as a CSV file for spreadsheet software. Because the file is 1.3 GB compressed in a ZIP file, we will send you a personal download link.


  • This dataset is also available with 86,136 vacant parcels only, for $199.00.
  • It's possible to purchase a geographic subset of this data, and with additional information (like current Chicago zoning) – contact us.

Download samples (these may be outdated but they show the data available)

GeoPackage GIS file (opens in QGIS and ArcGIS), CSV (opens in many programs) - the CSV file contains only the latitude and longitude of the centroid of the parcel, while the GeoPackage contains the actual parcel shape as a polygon (a minority of parcels have only a point shape)

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City of Chicago-owned land

Partial map showing some of the Chicago-owned properties

Chicago Cityscape offers an enhanced dataset and map of City of Chicago-owned land.

The City's publicly available dataset has many unmapped properties because of changes in some of the properties' PINs, which Chicago Cityscape has corrected so that 100% of the properties in the dataset are mapped.

Understand the Chicago-owned land dataset's limitations and the lack of warranty. Learn about the myriad ways to purchase Chicago-owned land.

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Maps by layer

Purchase one of our map layers. Each one is $50, or get all of them for $400. You'll receive an ESRI Shapefile and a GeoJSON file for each layer.

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We have a lot more maps and data – contact us after viewing our index if you want to obtain a copy