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There may be assistance to install solar panels in the area around 737 S Independence Blvd for private or community use. We've checked for two incentive factors for Illinois Solar for All.

Why is Chicago Cityscape showing solar info?

Illinois Solar for All (ISFA) is a state-funded program administered by Elevate Energy to increase the amount of solar panel systems in the state, and especially in low-income areas and environmental justice areas.

The Illinois legislature adopted the Future Energy Jobs Act (FEJA) in 2016 to spur the development of new solar panel systems for personal and community use by buying Renewal Energy Credits from the system owners at a higher rate and upfront rather than after several years. Eligible projects must be installed by approved vendors and have a job training and workforce development program.

Even if you're not proposing a project, you may be able to subscribe to a project in your area to support solar energy development and potentially lower your electricity bill. Your home will not actually be powered by solar energy, but you'll get credit for subscribing to a community solar project.

Flood guidance for 737 S Independence Blvd, Chicago, IL

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