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The problem

Lending and asset management teams have friction in sharing access to the latest info

When researching or management multiple properties, many colleagues all need access to updated information in a shared platform.

Who are enterprises?

Asset managers, brokers, due diligence experts, and others use Chicago Cityscape in their enterprise:

  • Lenders. With an interest in so many properties, it's necessary to track violations and other records at each one.
  • Underwriters. Determining property characteristics involves many staff who all need a single source of truth.

The solution

Chicago Cityscape has multiple tools and data sources to help enterprises monitor and research properties. Know nearly everything there is to know about properties your firm has an interest in, or may soon.

Address Snapshot

As part of thorough due diligence, see past and present ownership and property taxes, check for nearby amenities and construction projects, and look for permits, violations, and environmental history.

Incentives Checker

Help your clients access the financial and development incentives their property or project may be eligible for based on its location. Quickly determine if a loan application would go in an area that would help the lender help achieve Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) goals and requirements.

Property Tracker

Add or upload your assets and keep track of violations and upcoming maintenance and compliance obligations.

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