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The problem

Existing prospecting methods don't put you in touch with decision makers early enough

If your job is to prospect new clients or new projects, you need to know about them before your competitors. Whether you're selling equipment for high-rises or ongoing services, you need to know who's planning what.

Who are lead gen leaders?

Salespersons, accounts managers, business development execs, and others at these industries all use Chicago Cityscape to generate leads:

  • Waste haulers. Know when your existing accounts are adding new locations, and find new businesses to prospect.
  • Sign designers. Every business with a physical presence needs a sign. Get alerts when new businesses are formed.
  • Electrical equipment manufacturers. Buildings needs big switches, and we know where big buildings are being proposed.
  • Appliance sellers. Find new projects that will need to buy appliances in bulk.

The solution

Chicago Cityscape has multiple tools and data sources to find good leads in the construction and real estate sectors. Whether you're selling a service or a product, you can find leads through Chicago Cityscape.

Proposed Projects

Stay up to speed on new projects that are being proposed in Chicago. You'll know about projects, large and small, months before they're approved, and many more months before building permits are issued.

Our database of Proposed Projects is updated monthly, and contact information is included for the largest projects. Filter the projects by occupancy type, size, and location.

Contractor & Developer Profiles

Get to know your prospects by looking at their past work. Our records show building permit history for hundreds of thousands of companies, including architects, general contractors, subcontractors, developers, and property owners.

Business Licenses

We can send you notifications when new businesses are licensed in your Chicago-based sales district.

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