Chicago Citsycape has solutions for... Non-Profit Organizations

The problem

Finding the best information takes too long and requires too many resources

You're tasked with communicating with business owners and knowing future development, but you don't have the time to always be checking in with people.

Who are non-profit organizations?

Community Development Corporations, CDFIs, chambers of commerce and others all use Chicago Cityscape to generate leads:

  • NFP housing developers. Monitor your properties and find properties that fit your acquisition strategy.
  • Small business helpers. Find buildings for small businesses to move into.

The solution

Chicago Cityscape brings together information from dozens of sources to reduce the time spent searching but not finding. We amplify existing knowledge by linking these resources, to give each of our non-profit organization members a time-saving tool.

Our obsession for data that’s obscure, hard to find, and published nowhere else gives you an advantage over other real estate services. We bundle the information and tie the bow with our unique understanding of local policies; we give you the raw data alongside our interpretation of it.

Personal Places

We have over 37,000 maps of different places in Chicago, but we may not have your place. Draw it yourself or upload a file and get the same data and insights as we have for ZIP codes, community areas, and elected officials boundaries.

Address Snapshot

As part of thorough due diligence, see past and present ownership and property taxes, check for nearby amenities and construction projects, and look for permits, violations, and environmental history.

Business licenses

If your charge is to connect with new businesses in a service area, you'll love our business license notifications.

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