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Find and download specific property types in a Place

This guide will instruct you to view and download a map and spreadsheet of properties of a specific type within a given Place in Cook County.

Find a Place

First, select a Place. You can browse through thousands of Places in Cook County on Maps Explorer. For this example, we'll use the Woodlawn community area.

After the Place page has finished loading, click on the "Show properties" button below the map. A new table will appear, where details about the first 5 properties in the Place will be listed. The map will also show the 5 properties as parcel outlines.

Filter for the properties you want

To filter this table and map to show only one or more property types, based on Cook County Assessor classifications, click inside the "Property class" search field. A dropdown menu will appear; you can search this menu for the right classification by typing in a couple of letters for the property type you want. You can also search by the property classification number, if you know it, or you can scroll down the menu to review each of the classifications.

Common classifications include:

  • Apartment building with 2-6 units (2-11)
  • Condo (2-99)

Select the property type(s) you want and then click the "Filter properties" button below the "Property class" search field. A "Processing..." box will appear above the table, and a spinning symbol will appear above the map, to indicate that the table and map are being filtered for your property type(s) filter.

Once the filter process completes, the map and table will show different properties than they did before, but still 5 at a time. If you'd like to view or download more than 5 properties, you can change this number.

Change the number of properties shown in the map and table by clicking the "Show 5 entries" button and choosing a larger number. The maximum is 2,500 properties because if the map and table showed any more, it would slow down our server and your web browser.

Download the properties

Once you have the desired number of properties shown in the map and table, you can download the data as a map or a spreadsheet. Scroll down to the bottom of the table and look for the "Export data" buttons. We've provided a link called "Jump to the property map and table export tools" underneath "Parcels & Properties within [Place name]" to get you to the bottom of the table faster.

To download the map, click "Download map for GIS", which will cause a GeoJSON file to be downloaded with those properties. GeoJSON files are compatible with all GIS programs. Next to that button is one called "Export as CSV", which will cause a CSV file to be downloaded that can be opened in Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel, and other spreadsheet applications.

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