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"Obtaining all of the information needed to compel investors would have been impossible without Chicago Cityscape: GIS is too esoteric and idiosyncratic, and frankly intimidating to a non-initiated viewer. Having a simple, clean, and clear source of primary information about the built environment and local context made this entire project possible. Paid for itself a thousand times over."

- Mike Healy / Guild Row developer

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Latest blog post Monday, August 13, 2018

Topical maps help you find developable property in Chicago
by Steven Vance

Some of our members have asked about the status of Property Finder this year, because it wasn’t working properly. The map helped our Cityscape Pro members dive deep into our database of over 1.8 million properties in Cook County, and filter them by zoning, size, classification, and location.

We’ve replaced PF with five new topical maps that are easier to use:

Vacant land (this includes residential side yards)Chicago-owned land (using their new and more accurate database)Underbuilt apartment buildings (based on Chicago...

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