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- Demetri Alexakos / Director, Emerald South Economic Development Collaborative

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Latest blog post Wednesday, November 17, 2021

This architecture firm is doing the most ADU projects right now
by Steven Vance

Last month I talked to Kaya Ramic and Virginia Chiu, founder and director of operations, respectively, at BLDG PROJ. The architecture firm is notable to me for being associated with the most accessory dwelling unit pre-approval applications (or “applications of intent”, as I sometimes call them). One of their clients was also the first to receive an ADU building permit, for a new basement unit, on September 1, 2021. Since then they’ve obtained a second permit for a basement unit.

BLDG PROJ is a successor to IR Design Firm, which was founded by Kaya’s father 22 years ago who has since passed away. Kaya said her company designs “mainly single-family houses, porches, garages, and sometimes projects with up to 20...

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