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Block Group 2 (170318221012) Census Block Group

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More info about Block Group 2 (170318221012) Census Block Group

Find population and other demographic information about this Census block group on Census Reporter.

Census Block Group

Block Group 2 (170318221012) is one of 9,689 Census block group Places in our database. View all other Census block group Places.

Block Group 2 (170318221012) spans 1 Illinois municipality:
> Oak Lawn

Block Group 2 (170318221012) spans 1 county:
> Cook

Block Group 2 (170318221012) dimensions

  • The area of Block Group 2 (170318221012) is 0.16 square miles / 103.83 acres
  • The perimeter length of Block Group 2 (170318221012) is 1.9 miles / 9,804.2 feet

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Affordable housing

Housing Authority of Cook County (HACC)

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Census Block Group map source: Census Bureau TIGER/Line

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