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Township 88, Precinct 26 Election Precinct

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Properties without a taxpayer name are likely tax exempt. Some properties have a blue "Chicago-owned land" label. To find all Chicago-owned land, past and present, use the "Chicago-owned land" map below. Building age data is not always reliable. This feature was supported by the Metropolitan Planning Council.

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Property information is updated frequently; properties with frequent lookups are updated weekly and others are updated monthly. Cook County updates tax information and property classification after the second tax bill goes out (mid summer), and assessment information is updated when a triad is re-assessed (varies based on location) or for special circumstances (like the COVID-19 pandemic).

More info about 88-26 Election Precinct

Election Precinct

Township 88, Precinct 26 is one of 3,668 election precinct Places in our database. View all other election precinct Places.

Township 88, Precinct 26 spans 1 municipality: Palos Hills

Township 88, Precinct 26 spans 1 county: Cook

Township 88, Precinct 26 dimensions

  • The area of 88-26 is 0.23 square miles / 146.07 acres
  • The perimeter length of 88-26 is 1.9 miles / 10,099.6 feet

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