ADU Supporters

We are currently aware of 11 aldermanic supporters of re-legalizing Accessory Dwelling Units in Chicago (last updated January 31, 2020).

  1. Alder Daniel La Spata (1st)
  2. Alder Pat Dowell (tentative) (3rd)
  3. Alder Byron Sigcho-Lopez (25th)
  4. Alder Roberto Maldonado (26th)
  5. Alder Rosanna Rodriguez Sanchez (tentative) (33rd)
  6. Alder Carlos Ramirez-Rosa (35th)
  7. Alder Andre Vasquez (40th)
  8. Alder James Cappleman (46th)
  9. Alder Matt Martin (47th)
  10. Alder Harry Osterman (48th)
  11. Alder Maria Hadden (49th)

During the 2019 ward elections, we tracked the support indicated by the candidates on the Chicago Cityscape blog. Since then we've launched a petition and a letter-writing campaign.

Read more about the effort to re-legalize ADUs in Chicago

How do I build an ADU?

ADUs in the form of basement and attic units are already possible for some property owners. It depends on their property's zoning district, how many units are currently in the house, and size of the available space in the building. An ordinance to more broadly legalize ADUs would remove the zoning district and current unit count factors.

New coach houses are not allowed currently. An ADU ordinance will likely re-legalize backyard homes, including coach houses.