ADU Supporters

We are currently aware of 18 aldermanic supporters (in green and yellow) of re-legalizing Accessory Dwelling Units in Chicago (last updated July 13, 2020). This map is imperfect, and may not accurately represent each alder's position as one of three colors.

  1. Alder Daniel La Spata (1st)
  2. Alder Pat Dowell (tentative) (3rd)
  3. Alder David Moore (tentative) (17th)
  4. Alder Michael Rodriguez (22nd)
  5. Alder Byron Sigcho-Lopez (25th)
  6. Alder Roberto Maldonado (26th)
  7. Alder Walter Burnett, Jr. (27th)
  8. Alder Ariel Reboyras (30th)
  9. Alder Felix Cardona (32nd)
  10. Alder Scott Waguespack (32nd)
  11. Alder Rosanna Rodriguez Sanchez (tentative) (33rd)
  12. Alder Carlos Ramirez-Rosa (35th)
  13. Alder Andre Vasquez (40th)
  14. Alder Tom Tunney (44th)
  15. Alder James Cappleman (46th)
  16. Alder Matt Martin (47th)
  17. Alder Harry Osterman (48th)
  18. Alder Maria Hadden (49th)

During the 2019 ward elections, we tracked the support indicated by the candidates on the Chicago Cityscape blog. Since then we've launched a petition and a letter-writing campaign.

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