Western-Midway (Orange Line) station CTA rail station

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Parcels & Properties within Western-Midway (Orange Line) station

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Notes about our property data

Use one of the tools buttons to see more data. Many properties don't have information about property owners. This is because the properties are non-taxable (tax exempt) and thus the tax billing name & address isn't included in the source data (Cook County Assessor). Building age data is not always reliable. This feature was supported by the Metropolitan Planning Council.

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Data update schedule

Property information is updated twice a year; tax and property classification information is updated after the second tax bill goes out (mid summer), and assessment information is updated when a triad is re-assessed (varies based on location).

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Map of Western-Midway (Orange Line) station designed by Chicago Cityscape

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Western-Midway (Orange Line) station stats

The search area of Western-Midway (Orange Line) station is 0.0488 square miles.

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Market info for Western-Midway

Submarket 2 100.0% of Western-Midway

Higher density urban and suburban, large households, high foreclosure/moderate vacancy, low/moderate income

Submarket 2 consists of urban and suburban homes built before 1940 in parts of Chicago, Aurora, Elgin, Joliet, and Waukegan. Declining incomes likely influence the high and increasing levels of cost burden. Low transportation costs moderate concerns about high levels of cost burden. Many households rent, but comparatively fewer live in subsidized units than in submarket 1. The submarket has higher levels of foreclosure activity, but moderate levels of vacancy. Mortgage investment is low but cash sales are high, which when combined with the high foreclosure rates and low vacancy rates, points to the transitioning of homes from owners to renters. The larger households in submarket 2 frequently have children under the age of 15.

What are submarkets?

There are eight submarkets, or clusters of similar housing issues and neighborhood characteristics. The "cluster" information is from the Regional Housing Solutions and is based on data from the American Community Survey, collected in 2009-2013, and is a collaboration among CMAP, Institute for Housing Studies, Metropolitan Mayors Caucus, and Metropolitan Planning Council.

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CTA rail station map source: Chicago Transit Authority via City of Chicago data portal

The zoning map colorway comes from Second City Zoning.

See all of Chicago Cityscape's sources