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O2020-5755 Ordinance details

City Council actions Not yet approved

  • Referred on 11/16/2020


  • Lightfoot, Lori E.

Summaries are either written by Chicago Cityscape or copied from the applications.

Stages of Proposed Projects

1. Ideation

A proposed project is analyzed through the lens of zoning and design feasibility.

2. Zoning Change Application

The proposed project needs and applies for a zoning change – the proposed project is added to our database for the first time.

Current stage

3. Zoning Approved

The proposed project's zoning change application will have been approved. A building permit can then be issued (often permit applications are filed during the previous stage, as any reviews can happen before the final zoning review). However, a zoning change application that is to make a nonconformity conforming may not get a building permit.

4. Building Permit Issued

One or more building permits will have been issued since the zoning change was approved.

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