New construction permit at 441 W 42nd Pl in Chicago

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Photo of the property at 441 W 42nd Pl provided by the Cook County Assessor

Project Address

441 W 42nd Pl
Chicago, IL 60609

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Chicago building permit details

Permit Number



New construction

Issue Date

June 16, 2017

Est. Cost


Permit Fee


$0.00 waived

$375.00 paid

Data as reported by the City of Chicago.

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There are 1 general contractor, 5 subcontractors, 1 architect, 2 owners, and 1 expeditor on this permit.

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441 W 42nd Pl properties as indicated on the permit

Review the photos This is a New Construction permit so the photos below likely show the previous or pre-demolition building.

Property Index Number (PIN)Photographs


Photo of the property at 441 W 42nd Pl with Property Index Number (PIN) 20041300080000 taken by the Cook County Assessor

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