Privacy policy

We will not sell your name or email address or any other information you voluntarily provide. We use a Google Analytics tracking cookie that counts website usage and gathers information about users. You can opt out.

We store your name, email, and the date of when you last signed in in our own database. We store your name, email, and data about your interaction with notification and newsletter emails from Chicago Cityscape in Mailchimp and Mandrill (owned by Mailchimp). We use a HubSpot tracking cookie that knows what webpage you used before filling out the "Request demo" form and other forms hosted on HubSpot.

We don't store your location, not with your IP address and not when you use any of the GPS or "locate me" buttons on the site. This information is used only to show your location on a map or to identify a building you're near. Once Chicago Cityscape has done that your location is forgotten.

When you draw a Personal Place map or add items to a List that is made public, you may be revealing information about yourself or a project you're working on. If you have sensitive information in this map or list, set the map or list to be private (on your Account page) so that only you, the person who created the map or list, can see it. The administrators of Chicago Cityscape are able to view private Personal Place maps and private Lists with your permission.

We obtain and process extremely limited data about you that's provided by social network providers (Facebook, Microsoft, Google, LinkedIn) for the express purpose of signing you in to your Cityscape account. The data we receive from these social network providers is limited to your first name, last name, email address, and URL to display your profile picture. As of March 22, 2022, we do not and have never used the profile picture URL. Use the My Account page to modify your first name, last name, and email address (which only changes where you receive notifications and now how you sign in). We do not have permission to post content to your timeline, feed, profile, or wall.

Data deletion

Chicago Cityscape account holders can request data deletion by emailing [email protected] and requesting that we delete your Chicago Cityscape account, or that we delete your Chicago Cityscape account and all of your associated data (lists, Personal Places, and Mailchimp and Hubspot records).

Privacy policy revisions

  • Revised February 3, 2018, to discuss how public lists you create may reveal personal information.
  • Revised April 9, 2020, to add information about Mailchimp and Mandrill.
  • Revised September 22, 2020, to add that we use HubSpot tracking; clarified how we use Mailchimp and Mandrill.
  • Revised September 8, 2021, to add a paragraph describing how we use data from social network providers; add information about data deletion.
  • Revised March 22, 2022, to modify that we have never and currently do not use profile picture URLs from social network; also enumerated the differences in the two types of data deletion requests.