Professional services

Chicago Cityscape can consult and obtain information that is beyond the scope of any of our memberships and subscriptions.

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  • Zoning Assessments
  • Maps
  • Information & custom analysis

Zoning Assessments

Our Zoning Assessments are completed quickly and accurately. Sometimes known as Planning & Zoning Reports (PZR), they are compliant with ALTA Table A Item 6.

There are two types: Standard and Enhanced.

We require a survey for every Zoning Assessment

Standard Zoning Assessment

Standard includes conformity statement, bulk & density and parking standards, historic and landmark status, allowed uses, transit-oriented development status, and incentives.
Fee: $1,000 to $1,750, depending on parcel size and zoning district

Enhanced Zoning Assessment

Enhanced Zoning Assessments include the aspects of a Standard Zoning Assessment and are written based on your need and include recommendations on rezoning opportunities.
Fee: Varies


Chicago Cityscape makes custom maps on a daily basis. We use our vast database of maps and data to quickly assemble simple or complex maps that tell your story.

Contact us to discuss your narrative and visualization needs.

Check out our example maps

Elevated Chicago

Elevated Chicago needed a map to show how few areas there are in Chicago that allow new multi-family housing (purple areas).

Information & custom analysis

Chicago Cityscape has nearly 10 million records about people, places, and properties in Illinois, but sometimes it's hard to locate the exact information. We can help.

  • Locating sales information (dates, sellers and buyers, prices)
  • Identifying relevant incentives based on project scope
  • Nearby property search for mailing legal notices
  • Information about transportation access and assets

Clients have included:

  • Farpoint Development
  • MAP Strategies

Our standard professional services charge is $100 per hour, unless otherwise noted. Contact us if a professional service isn't listed.

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