Infill: Chicago-owned land Property Finder

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About this map

This map shows land currently or formerly owned by the City of Chicago. This is updated as frequently as the city updates their dataset, which is daily. You can purchase this map from Chicago Cityscape. Property classifications were classified by the Cook County Assessor in the 2018 property tax year. Understand the Chicago-owned land dataset's limitations and the lack of warranty. Learn about the myriad ways to purchase Chicago-owned land.

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Chicago-owned properties changes

July 2020 and prior

Owned By City: 24,671

Sold: 8,626

Not City Owned: 797

No Status: 535

Sold By City: 38

Leased: 22

In Acquisition: 16

Total: 34,705

August 2020 (last month)

Owned By City: 319

Sold: 24

Not City Owned: 5

Sold By City: 1

Total: 349

September 2020 (this month)

Owned By City: 14,070

Sold: 4,611

Not City Owned: 845

: 90

Sold By City: 29

Leased: 14

Total: 19,659

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