Solutions for Real estate professionals

The problem

Finding the best information takes too long and requires too many resources.

The audience

Developers & real estate investors, brokers, analysts, site selectors

The solution

Finding accurate and current data, visualized with insights, is necessary for Property Pros to efficiently analyze the prospects of any given property they see or that comes their way.

Chicago Cityscape brings together information from dozens of sources to reduce the time spent searching but not finding. We amplify existing knowledge by linking these resources, to give each of our property pros members a slight edge. Our obsession for data that’s obscure, hard to find, and published nowhere else gives you an advantage over other real estate services. We bundle the information and tie the bow with our unique understanding of local policies; we give you the raw data alongside our interpretation of it.

How Chicago Cityscape helps developers & real estate investors, brokers, analysts, site selectors


Market Analysis

Gather the data necessary to determine the value of a property. While value is mostly influenced by the sale price of nearby properties, additional facts and statistics can help you find other ways to measure and promote the value of a property you represent.

Amenities & Social Infrastructure

Locates and counts the number of community assets and essential businesses, like grocery stores, medical offices, and banks. This works in both Address Snapshot and Place Snapshot.


Allows you to locate and measure the number of businesses and business licenses in the area. You can even use the filters to focus on the types of businesses you want to measure.


Find selected Census information for the immediate neighborhood, including household income, broadband and computer access, and home ownership rates.

Images, News, Developments

Showcases stories about real estate, development, and investment in the area.

Lending & Investment Snapshot

Use our measures of public and private sector investment to compare . Private: small business loans, who is getting and giving home mortgages, year over year business license trends. Public: Tax Increment Financing (TIF) projects, Neighborhood Opportunity Fund (NOF) project, Small Business Improvement Fund (SBIF) projects. Also review selected demographics including home ownership rate, income, and broadband access.

Proposed Projects

Shows you future projects in the area based on zoning applications submitted to the city. You can even use the filters to focus on the types of projects you want to see.

Surrounding Places

Highlights all elected officials, schools attendance boundaries, neighborhood & business orgs, and much more.

Transportation & Jobs Snapshot

Within a mile of the property you can identify all of the transit facilities nearby, including Divvy bike share stations. Additionally, get insights on the market size and trade area for walkers and drivers.

Site Selection

Site Selection offers the most comprehensive set of insights, policy and regulatory information, and raw data about Cook County properties.

Cannabis Eligibility

Understand where cannabis companies can locate in Chicago based on three policy factors: Proximity to school, other cannabis companies, and zoning requirements.


Understand the number of properties owned by the City of Chicago, the Cook County Land Bank Authority (CCLBA), and properties in the annual tax sales process. You can also see sales comps & trends in this section.

Property Finder

Find Cook County parcels efficiently by using our exclusive filters for property class, zoning type, tax exempt status, last sale, available incentives and more. Within Chicago you can filter for specific zoning, ADU, ARO and TOD policy.

Site Selector & Chicago Zoning Map

Pick a business or property type and this map will show you where in Chicago that's allowed. Alternatively, pick a specific zoning district (say, B1-2), and the map will show everywhere that zoning district exists. Liquor moratoriums can also be shown.

Property Due Diligence

Consolidates most sources needed to complete a due diligence report, spec sheet, or offering memorandum.

Address Snapshot

Our premier feature, Address Snapshot contextualizes policy and insights and provides raw data for any address in Cook County. Find nearby properties, sales, permits and violations (Chicago only), and transit-oriented development status. Useful for due diligence.

Building data

Review a single property's building permits, 311 reports, violations, administrative hearings, and business license history (Chicago only).

Cannabis Compliance

Every Address Snapshot report will show the nearby dispensaries and cultivation centers and schools. In Chicago, the report will also show proposed dispensaries, cultivation centers, craft growers, and processors.

Development & financial incentives

Exclusive feature. Incentives Checker determines if any of 30+ incentives are available to development at a given location. E.g. TOD, TIF, Opportunity Zones, Qualified Census Tract, New Market Tax Credits, etc.

Environmental Snapshot

Easily understand what solar incentives are available at this address as well as the flood mitigation zone it’s in, it’s environmental inspection and permits history, as well as locate nearby underground storage tanks.

Property & Ownership info

Displays the property taxpayer and points to other properties associated with the same taxpayer. Additionally, the most recent assessed value and sale are highlighted. You’ll also find the parcel dimensions as well as property taxes, appeals, and exemptions in this section.

Property Sales

Shows property sales comps, trends, and active buyers and selling in an area or near a single property.

Zoning Assessment

These automated reports provide details & insights on local zoning and housing regulations such as zooming capabilities & standards, ADU eligibility, ARO zone, estimated dwelling unit calculation, and Fair Market Rent (FMR) in that ZIP code.

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Identify and prospect new clients and sales opportunities

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Navigate state and Chicago regulations about where cannabis businesses can be located

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Create zoning assessments fast and accurately and add details most don't have

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