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Transportation resources

Chicago street & alley vacation program

The City of Chicago can confer ownership of little used streets and alleys to adjacent property owners. (PDF)

Housing + Transportation Affordability Map & Index

The traditional measure of affordability recommends that housing cost no more than 30% of household income. Under this view, a little over half (55%) of US neighborhoods are considered “affordable” for the typical household. However, that benchmark fails to take into account transportation costs, which are typically a household’s second-largest expenditure. The H+T Index offers an expanded view of affordability, one that combines housing and transportation costs and sets the benchmark at no more than 45% of household income.


A map showing Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT) permits for work in the public way. It also shows planned (future) street and infrastructure work.

Location Affordability Index

Housing and transportation costs consume about half of the average household budget, but it can be difficult for people to fully factor transportation costs into decisions about where to live and work. The Location Affordability Index (LAI) works to close this gap by providing estimates of household housing and transportation costs at the neighborhood level along with constituent data on the built environment and demographics. This site provides access to that data as well as comprehensive documentation of how the Location Affordability Index has been developed and updated. Created by HUD.

Pedestrians First

Pedestrians First measures walkability for babies, toddlers, their caregivers, and everyone in cities. Has interactive, city-specific tools. From the Institute for Transportation & Development Policy (ITDP)